Green screening our way into Term 2

We had extremely positive feedback from teachers about our Term 2 Teacher Development Days, on 10th and 11th January. What was particularly encouraging was the rising interest in, and discussion about film, before the Development Day even started. It was lovely to see teachers sharing what films they’d seen over Christmas, their views on them, and their recommendations for others to watch.

The aims of the day were to support teachers as they embark on planning for their own CPD delivery in their schools, to offer opportunities for peer learning, to explore what is meant by the role of film leader and to develop their practical film making skills. Exploring the role of film leader was particularly successful with teachers reflecting on what the role meant for them, and what they thought others would expect from them as the film leaders in their schools. A green screening session was also delivered by Nerve Centre artists, Dee Gribbin and Donna Galas, and teachers were transported to the Titanic, The Gruffalo’s forest, and a Tsunami swept town. This fantastic training session gave teachers the skills to use the green screens that they received at the end of last year, in their curricular film making this coming term.

Dee and Donna also explored three further parts of the Into Film Core Curriculum with teachers, Mood, genre and audience, Curricular film making and Story boarding for curricular film making. We’re looking forward to seeing what pupils produce this term as teachers embark on story boarding and curricular film making with their classes.

Nichola Clarke

Project Coordinator



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  1. This was great fun. I even discovered innovative ways of using the Green Screen app that I hadn’t thought of before, by watching the teachers explore and experiment with the app creatively. For example, in the top photo, each teacher was filmed separately in front of a green screen using the Camera app. These two videos were then brought into the Green Screen app to be moved and resized in front of the Titanic background.

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