Artist support day – St Anne’s PS

CPDL Planning – Friday 23rd February

The day after my visit to Phoenix Integrated Primary School, I went to St Anne’s Primary School to assist Mrs Mayne and Miss Payne in their CPDL planning. Their full-day CPDL session is focused on literacy attainment as this fits in well with the school’s literacy plan. The teachers plan to divide their session into two: Mrs Mayne will deliver a Reading Lesson/Comprehension and then Miss Payne will take teachers through a Writing Lesson. The main purpose of their CPDL is to help teachers create exciting lessons that link to existing planning.

I suggested that they start the session with an icebreaker or two to put everyone at ease. They adapted an Into Film icebreaker; “If a film was made about our staff, what would it be called? Who would you cast in the starring roles?” They also found a film quiz in which you have to find 20 Oscar-winning films in one image.

Mrs Mayne’s Reading Lesson involves prediction/sequencing, colour palettes, axis of emotion, and role on the wall activities. Miss Payne’s writing lesson consists of camera shots, setting, and sound-on/vision-off activities. The point of this is to give different groups of teachers various tasks to undertake so that they can see the range of potential activities they could do with their own classes. It also means that they will be provided with a good amount of resources that they can take away with them. Mrs Mayne and Miss Payne wanted to make sure that they were using film resources that complement the current reading material, so that teachers aren’t given extra work to do, but are instead encouraged to adapt what they are already doing.

The three of us created a presentation together, selecting relevant slides from Into Film PowerPoints and adding in our own. Before each of their sections, Mrs Mayne and Miss Payne are going to give their colleagues an insight into their own personal experiences of taking part in the project so far. This will be a great opportunity for the staff to see the potential benefits of using film as a tool for literacy attainment.

What I thought was great during our meeting was the fact that both Mrs Mayne and Miss Payne were thinking about the school as a whole; when coming up with activities for the teachers to complete, they were thinking about how they could adapt them for different Key Stages. For example, instead of describing the setting of a film, they might get the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One teachers to draw the setting.

As the last activity of the CPDL, teachers will be asked to split into groups depending on Key Stage, watch a given film from the Pixar Short Films Collection, and come up with an appropriate literacy activity. This means that they will have a resource and an activity to use in their own classes.

I helped Mrs Mayne and Miss Payne create evaluations for their CPDL session, using the Into Film evaluation as inspiration. Mrs Mayne and Miss Payne will be taking the complete lead on the delivery, so I will be there to help the groups of teachers with the wide range of activities they will be undertaking. I’m really looking forward to helping out!

Donna Galas

Artist Practitioner