Teacher Training in St Patrick’s & St Brigid’s PS

St Patrick’s & St Brigid’s PS (Ballycastle) CPDL Delivery – Tuesday 17th April

On Tuesday 17th April, I assisted Mrs Kennedy with green screen training at St Patrick’s and St Brigid’s Primary School. Mrs Kennedy gave a Film Literacy refresher and explained how using green screen can enhance learning for a range of topics across all year groups. She then demonstrated the Do Ink Green Screen app and initiated a discussion about what topics the teachers could see working well with green screen, which included storytelling, angles of shapes, maths equations, Titanic, and Vikings. Mrs Kennedy printed a guide to Do Ink Green Screen that she made as well as a copy of her presentation so that teachers could take notes.

Teachers were encouraged to have a go at using the app but they were keen to learn more, so I showed them how to edit green screen clips in iMovie. I thought it was great that Mrs Kennedy chipped in whenever she wanted to add something. It shows that she’s become an enthusiastic and knowledgeable film leader. She also made sure to say to the teachers that she was there for them if they ever needed film-related help.

Mrs Kennedy handed out evaluations for teachers to fill in, so that she can refer to them when planning for her next CPDL session. She mentioned that she would like to run a further training session for her colleagues in September, which was good to hear.

Now that the teachers have been trained in Do Ink Green Screen and iMovie, and have come up with relevant ideas, they can put this into practice by playing around with the apps and trying them out in their lessons. The teachers were grateful for the training and left the session with a sound understanding of how using green screen could be beneficial in their classes. Mrs Kennedy did a really great job in her delivery and the resources she created, and I can see her delivering lots more useful training sessions in the future!

Donna Galas, Artist Practitioner